A Lovely Date

Saturday Night: the perfect date night.

What She Asked

Some weeks ago, my wife asked what I wanted for my birthday. I told her, “I want a leaf blower with a vacuum system.” Yep! I have lots of leaves and the leaf vac made good sense.

Then She Said

“You know Rick, you’re going to get that anyway, it’s something you’ll buy sooner or later.” True, I couldn’t argue with that logic.

And Then She Said

“Instead, would you like to attend the Celtic Woman concert? Its Saturday, May 20, just two days after your birthday?” She knew they are one of my favorites, so I said, “Sure!”

Suddenly, the concert seemed like a much better gift than the leaf vac.

Saturday Night

First, we went out to dinner, to a favorite restaurant, using a gift card given by some sweet friends. Dinner was fantastic, slow and relaxed, and quite delicious.

The concert was magnificent. I’m moved emotionally by good music performed by talented musicians. A few tears leaked out.

On the way home, we talked about the concert and what a lovely evening it had been.

Celtic Woman


Nothing is perfect, it’s just something we aim for. But last night was perfect. 

  • Had a marvelous meal
  • Attended a cool concert
  • Went out with a gorgeous girl

To Close

We don’t eat out and attend concerts every Saturday night, but we should. Or at least we should every month or so. A little romance now and then is a good thing, don’t you think?

Now, to Amazon and that leaf vac.


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