Walking Across the Stage

It was May 18, 1974, the biggest night of my young life.

The Small

I lived in a small town and attended a small school. The graduating class of “74,” had 90 graduates, of which I was one.

A Big Deal

Walking across the stage to receive my diploma was a big deal. Like countless others, we threw our hats in the air and then scrambled to find them since they, and the gowns, had to be returned before we could leave. We congratulated each another and posed for pictures.

Not my graduation ceremony, but close, very close. 
But soon, we lined up to turn in our caps and gowns. Then we left, for the last and final time. I have a strong memory of an unexpected and overwhelming emotion. It was sadness.

I enjoyed my senior year. I was captain of the football team, editor of the school newspaper, Senior Class VP, and a member of the drama club. I had great friends and dated cute girls. I had a blast. Then, all too suddenly, it was over.

I didn’t want it to be over.

Across America

A Google search revealed that 3.5 million Seniors will commence this year. I wonder what they will feel? What will be next for them?

  • Go to college?
  • Join the military?
  • Get a job?
  • Hang out with their friends for months?
  • Bless their parents by staying home and watching tv for a year?

Was It Different?

Was life in the 70’s, in a small town and small school, any different from city life and the mega schools of today’s culture? Maybe?

Different or not, today’s grads face the same choices and challenges. “What do I do?” “What do I want?” “Where should I go?” 

To Close

I congratulate the graduates. It’s a mile stone even if you don’t think so. Now there’s something else for you, something new. It won’t be like High School, it’ll be better, and worse.

My shortest and best advice: “Honor God and keep his commandments.”


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