The 500!

It’s a Friday blog.

Yesterday was my birthday. It was a really good day. A big part of what it made good were the birthday blessings, expressions of love, and well wishes that came in from early till late.

Not me or my cake. But close, really very close.

From Where?

  • Facebook
  • Blog readers
  • Text messages
  • Messenger messages
  • Email
  • Phone calls
  • Birthday cards
  • Coworkers singing Happy Birthday

I heard from over 500 people. Yes, I counted. I heard from friends, blog viewers, church members, friends from Hope For Haiti’s Children, people from congregations I’ve preached for, and of course, from family. 

Social Media

A big majority came through social media (SM). I’ve been an outspoken critic of SM, as it relates to its negative and damaging aspects.

I’ve grown weary of the ugly attitudes, the mean-spirited comments, and the use of SM to attack those with whom we disagree.

I’m concerned for confessed believers who post messages using filthy language, or pictures of themselves drinking at parties or in bars. There are women I know who post pictures of themselves wearing the skimpiest of bikinis, women who would be mortified to wear such things at a church picnic.

SM encourages users to portray themselves differently. They craft an image making them seem happier, wealthier, more popular, or more worldly. SM is used by young people to gain peer acceptance, to blend in. It’s a method used to bully others. It’s called cyber or digital bullying. Messages, and compromising photos, are sent and resent all over the school, damaging the reputation of a kid.

SM has the ability to lift us up, educate us, affirm and encourage us, even draw us closer to the Lord. Or it can engulf us in a wasteland of the mundane and insipid. Worse, it can lead us into the darkness, into the cesspools of pornography, violence, and hatred.

To Close

Yesterday, SM was used to bless me, to affirm and enrich my soul. My birthday was all the better because of what SM allows people to do.

Thank you to all who sent or posted something. It was an excellent use of SM.


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