A Loving Daughter

What happened on Mother’s Day?

All day long, people posted on social media such lovely thoughts to their Moms, or about their Moms. It was beautiful.

A well crafted Mother’s Day card!

In Sunday’s Lesson

I talked about honoring our parents even when it’s not a special occasion. We send cards, flowers, and gifts on Mother’s Day, and on their birthdays, and for Christmas, and we should. But how about sending something unexpected at an unexpected time? That might be even better!  

The Goal of Gifts

The gifts, card, and flowers are expressions of our love and respect. But it’s easy to send flowers, online shopping makes lots of things easy. Maybe we should send things more often to the people we love. Better yet, we should more often tell them how we feel.  

Spiritual Thoughts

Scripture teaches us to:

  1. Love with sincerity.
  2. Be devoted to one another in brotherly love.
  3. Give preference to one another.
  4. Serve one another in love.
  5. Honor one another above yourselves.

An Example

A young woman named Lakan, a member of my church, posted this note on Facebook. The note, and her name, are used by permission.

“Happy Mother’s Day mom. I miss you. I know if your mental illness didn’t get in the way you would had been the best mom to me. I will never understand what you went through with having bipolar and schizophrenia, but I’m sorry that it stopped you from being a mom. I miss you and I can’t wait to see you again, Happy Mother’s Day!”

I was moved by the dignity of her words, and by her understanding, and acceptance, of a childhood made more difficult than what most of us experienced. She loves her Mother, she is a devoted daughter. 

To Close

It’s easy to imagine our lives being better and more happy. It’s also easy to imagine them being worse and more sad.

Our family may be the greatest, or maybe they’re not, but be encouraged to love those who need your love, to tell them they are loved and appreciated.

Any day is a good day to share with someone what they mean to you.


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