A Perfect Day

It was a perfect day!

Mother’s Day

Sunday was one of those days. Here’s why:

  1. Both worship services at church were really good.
  2. It was a beautiful day.
  3. We had our kids over for grilled steaks and trimmings.
  4. We spent the whole afternoon in the pool.
  5. We had fun, enjoyed each other, and laughed a lot.

It was a perfect day.

family pool play
Not our pool, or our kids, or us. But we had just as much fun!
Not Everyone Will Agree

Not everyone will agree with what I’m writing next. But here goes. I believe that marriage is God’s design. Male and female, he made them both. And then he willed that they would come together and become one. One in body, mind, and soul. And from that union, children would be born.

I believe that the happiest, healthiest, and most complete place in life is in a loving family. And there are all kinds of families.

All Kinds of Families

  1. Mom, Dad, and the kids.
  2. Grandparents, kids, and grandkids.
  3. Single Moms and single Dads.
  4. Couples unable to conceive.
  5. Grandparents raising grandchildren.
  6. Parents caring for their adult ages, special needs child.
  7. Kids raised by relatives.
  8. Families with adopted children.
  9. Families raising foster kids.
  10. Families of one or more of the above.

You get the idea.

And The Oscar Goes To:

Well, there aren’t any official awards for best Mom, Grandmother, or Great-Grandmother. But hopefully, they’re all award winners in our hearts. So a big and hearty thank you to all the Moms, Dads, and to everyone providing loving care for children in any context of family.

To Close

I love being a Father. Thank you, Danielle, for making that possible.

Yesterday was a perfect day.


One thought on “A Perfect Day

  1. Totally agree that the family was designed by God. I find it fascinating though that there were many blended families, step-brothers, unwed mothers (promised to someone, not the father) and all kinds of family issues in the bible. Fathers in conflict with sons. Wives in conflict with (other women, maybe wives or concubines?). The family we think is normal, is rarely given as an example in bible history. Jesus was concieved before his mother was married. Jesse wanted to kill David. multiple examples of brothers fighting, killing, conspiring to kill each other. This is why I feel so positive about SECOC. Everyone is accepted here, even us who dont fit into the template of the perfect family.


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