A Tribute to Moms

I never wanted to be a mother.

The Reasons

  1. I’m a man.
  2. I’d never have the patience.
  3. I’m not tough enough.
  4. I’m not strong enough.
  5. The whole delivery thing.

Most men are victorious when arm wrestling a woman. Men can also kill spiders, check the strange noises at night, and carry the packages, bags, and groceries. The really good ones put the toilet seat down.

But most men would make lousy mothers. Not to make excuses, but we lack certain qualities and possess certain weaknesses. 

Dad with three kids
Men lack a certain something when it comes to being nurturing and attentive.

Some Observations

Women’s names are used for things. Things like cars, planes, boats, and guns. Davy Crockett’s rifle was Old Betsy. There’s the Queen Mary, the Enola Gay, and my first car, Sweet Susie. 

Tropical storms and hurricanes were, for decades, designated with a woman’s name. Now they use men’s and women’s names.

The word, “Mother” has some interesting uses. There’s Mother Nature, the Mother Lode, the Mother of all Storms and the Mother of all whatever. Mother is used of nations like Mother Russia, or the Mother Land.


  1. Well, its sexist, but women are beautiful, so men give their most prized possessions a woman’s name, their cars, boats, planes, etc.
  2. Women are incredibly tough, strong, and possess an iron will, just like a category 5 hurricane. (Sorry ladies, but there’s some truth to it.)
  3. Women are nurturing, protective, and provide for their families with fierce determination, just as a country nurtures and cares for her people.
Dad with coffee and kid
Men make excellent fathers, but would be poor mothers at best.

Its Mother’s Day

The cards may be cliché, the flowers overpriced, and the restaurants overcrowded. But still, its Mother’s Day. Here’s a thought, let’s send our Moms some flowers in October. Not because there’s a national day for doing it, but just because.

“An unexpected gift at an unexpected time.”

I Just Want to Add

Mother’s Day isn’t good for everyone. Some didn’t grow up with a mother. Some didn’t have a happy childhood. Some still grieve the loss of their Mom and today’s a hard day. And there are other reasons why Mother’s Day can be tough. 

But for the rest of us, let’s make sure our Moms feel appreciated. And let’s take a moment to be thankful that we had, or have, someone who loved us, or loves us still. 

In Closing

To My Mom,

Mom, I don’t think of you as a car, a boat, a gun or a hurricane. Or even as Mother Russia. But I do think of you as beautiful, caring, and strong. Thanks for being my Mom. I love you.

Happy Mother’s Day

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