An Excellent Planter

My car AC is broken. It’s been repaired several times, and replaced once.


  1. Enjoy being hot and sweaty.
  2. Keep windows down.
  3. Pay someone to fan me while I drive.
  4. Have dry ice in a bucket.
  5. Think cold.

I’m not sure any of those work. 

A Lemon?

Other than the AC, the car’s been excellent. I bought it used, when it was less than a year old. I’ve had it for nine years. It’s not a lemon, but the AC system lacks a certain something.


  1. Its demon possessed.
  2. Was poorly designed.
  3. Requires cheese, being so Mickey Mouse.
  4. User error?
  5. Fix it myself.

I’m not a mechanic, but I have tools. They are shiny, clean, and in pristine condition. They look terrific hanging on my tool organizer in the garage.

Other Options

  1. Shoot it and put it out of my misery.
  2. Salvage yard: crush it into a cube.
  3. Keep keys in it and doors unlocked.
  4. Donate it to charity (already did, they gave it back.)
  5. Turn it into a planter.
Not my car, but close, very close.

Honestly, the car is already at the shop. It needs a new expansion valve. The valve is deep inside the dashboard so the dash has to be taken out. I hope the cost includes the dash being reinstalled.

I should check on that.

To Close

I whine sometimes. But I shouldn’t. I have a car and my wife has a car, and her AC works. But still, I’m blessed to have what I have. I’m blessed with a family and a Mother who loved and cared for me, who loves and cares for me still. So, thank you Mom.

Happy Mother’s Day.

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