Jesus At The Dentist

Was Jesus ever ill? Get the flu? Have a cold? Need a dentist?

I Have

In fact, I went to the dentist yesterday. It was a routine checkup and I was counting on being done in a jiffy. I wasn’t. They discovered a cracked molar. Surprise, surprise. 

I’ll be back next week, on my birthday, to get a crown. O joy of joys!

Back to Jesus

I have no idea if Jesus ever got sick. My children had ear infections and allergy issues all the time. Did he? Did he experience teething? Or was he born with a mouth full of adult teeth?

Somehow, I imagine him being perfectly healthy, for his whole life, right up to the moment of his arrest. Then he faced a few health issues.

I guess it doesn’t matter if he ever had the flu. Doesn’t make any difference if he had infections or the measles. Either way, he was still who he was. He was the Son of God.

Me? Well…

Yep, I’ve been sick and had a few issues:

  1. Tonsillectomy
  2. Appendectomy
  3. Childhood diseases
  4. Kidney stones
  5. Injured neck/back from football

Truth is, I’m flawed, fragile, and prone to nagging limitations, such as dying one day. But that’s as it should be since I was never promised heaven on earth.

I’ve found that each decade requires more and more effort to keep up my health. Not to mention the gnawing sense of having fewer days ahead then those behind. Sounds a little bleak, but it’s the way of things, its life as we know it.

So, I’ll go back to the dentist and get crowned. I think it sounds better that way!

To Close

I don’t know if Jesus got sick, or had fever, or ever ran crying to Mary for sympathy and a Band-Aid for his skinned knees. I don’t know if he ever went to the dentist.

But I know he went to the cross, and his going made all the difference. 

The Bible


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