The Best of Us

Monday mornings I meet with our ministers for bible study and prayer.


I asked them to think of someone they wanted to pray about. Then we went around the table so each could offer a prayer for the one on their hearts.

Who they prayed about:

  1. A member who was close to death.
  2. Two-year-old twin boys with cancer.
  3. A member struggling with debilitating depression.
  4. Kids going to Jr. High & the challenges they’ll face.
  5. Concern for members who are disconnected, lonely, hurting.
  6. High School seniors about to graduate.
  7. A young man scheduled to deploy to the middle east.

As each prayed, I found myself giving thanks for them. They help so many, in so many ways, and strive to do more. They are my friends and I’m honored to work with them.

I gave thanks for the support they provide, the teaching they give, and the service they offer. I thought about their own challenges and struggles, and what it costs them to remain connected with so many. I imagined the needs that would go unmet and the people who would fall through the cracks if they weren’t doing what they do. 

As Senior Minister, I try to encourage and guide them, but often, they encourage and guide me. It’s humbling hearing them pray, they pray deeply and from the heart.

We’re Not Huge

Our congregation isn’t huge, at least not by Texas standards. We have 1145 active members representing 450 families. We’re no mega church, but still, it’s a lot of people.

Thing About It

The average 200-member congregation has a preacher, a youth minister, and an administrative person. That’s three employees for 200 members. How many does a church of 1145 need? You can do the math. 

To Close

For every hospital visit. For every child, teenager, and adult who is served. For every infant, toddler, and preschooler who is nurtured. For every worship service of praise. For all the retreats, camps, groups, and events. For ministries, big and small. For the homeless people fed and the homeless families sheltered. For all of it, I thank God for the ministers, staff, and volunteers who lead, serve, and produce it all.

It takes dedicated servants to care for the sacred community of believers.

They are the best of us.

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