A Dark Day

It’s will be a dark day for Americans.

A Key Report

The Pediatric Academic Societies Meeting takes place on Sunday. A study will be presented reporting that the number of children and teens who have been hospitalized for suicidal attempts has doubled in the last decade.

The data was collected from 32 Children’s hospitals in the US. Those studied were between 5 and 17 years old. Children ages 5-11 represented 13% of the study. The largest uptick was seen among teen girls. 

The CDC reports that suicides for girls has tripled between 1999 and 2014, with girls age 12-14 representing the largest increase.

Causes & Indicators

Dr. Gregory Plemmons, of Vanderbilt University, will present the study. From the report, Dr. Plemmons will offer the following indicators and causes for the rise of children and teens with suicidal thoughts and actions:

  1. Family history of suicides
  2. Family history of depression
  3. Domestic violence
  4. Child abuse
  5. Gay and lesbian youth
  6. History of bullying, especially cyber-bullying
  7. Social media

The report also mentions, “Girls are entering puberty about a year earlier than they historically have, and puberty itself is a risk factor for suicide.”

One source mentioned, “The number of girls between 10 and 12 who have gotten pregnant and delivered babies is staggering.”

Coping Skills

Dr. Avital K. Cohen, a licensed psychologist, believes today’s kids and teens lack the necessary coping skills. “Many parents try to protect their children from experiencing failure when they are young; thus, when they experience it later in life, they may not have developed the resources and/or coping skills they need to manage it.”

The More Abundant Life

Jesus offered it to everyone. But not everyone believes, or searches for it, or even wants it. His version of the abundant life had nothing to do with economic benefit, vast arrays of entertainment, or the headlong pursuit of happiness through consumerism.

We are reaping the fruit of a decaying morality, of pushing faith out of schools, and of a pluralistic society that champions choice without moral consequence.

To Close

There are reasons, and many of them, to be joyful today, to have a happy Saturday. Yours can be a heart of praise and a voice that lifts up the glory of God. You can do what matters most today.

I believe it’s never been more important to be a good parent.

God bless you.

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