A Needed Social Commentary

Here is something important.

Restaurant Refills

What’s up with waiters refilling your glass when it’s still half full? They used to wait until it was empty and then refilled it. I don’t know why they do it.

empty glasses
They used to wait till the glass was empty!

But they do.

Sometimes they bring you a new one while you’re still drinking the old one. Then you have a useless beverage sitting there with the ice melting.

It’s madness.

Some Reasons

  1. Waiters can’t keep track, get confused.
  2. Deeply concerned about you having enough to drink.
  3. Angling for a bigger tip.
  4. Their competition started doing it first.
  5. Waiters betting on who will drink the most.

Apathy or Objection

It’s not that I care, or maybe I do, I don’t know. But either way I object to being asked if I want another beverage when I’m still drinking the first one. Why would I want a second glass of tea when there’s still plenty of tea in my first glass?

waiters filling glasses 1
The constant refiling has become an obsession.

Returning The Favor

If they bring me a second glass, but don’t take the first one, then I quickly drink the new one down to half full so I’ll have two half-filled glasses. One day soon, a waiter will bring me two full glasses to replace the two half empty ones. It’ll be epic. I’ll take pictures. 

For Consideration

Jesus said, “Out of the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks.” That means we talk about whatever flows out of our hearts, whatever’s most important to us. When we are passionate about something, we don’t need anyone to fill us up. We live overflowing.

What flows from your heart? Is it Jesus? Is it your family? Or is it something negative and critical, like a bad attitude?

Is it bowling? Could be. Think about it.

To Close

Does this mean that blogging about waiters and beverages is what’s important to me?

I hope not!

Beverage Refills
I’m not obsessed with this refilling business, it just annoys my to distraction.

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