The Human Kindness Meter

Are you a kind person? Rate yourself on the meter:

The Meter of Human Kindness

  1. Extremely Kind
  2. Very Kind
  3. Usually Kind
  4. Occasionally Kind
  5. Rarely Kind
  6. Never Kind
  7. What’s Kindness?

I know, it’s more of a list than a meter. But be honest, which number best described you? How would your family rate you? What about your friends and coworkers? How about strangers?

Kindness is everything it’s cracked up to be. We could use more of it, we could use all we can get. Seems like America is running low on the milk of human kindness.


William penned that phrase. He used it of Lady Macbeth who thought her husband was, “Too full of the milk of human kindness to kill his rivals.”


Mark penned this phrase, “Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see.” Well said Mr. Twain.

The Donut Shop

I stepped up and asked the young lady for a dozen donut holes. She handed me the bag, returned my change, and said, “Thank you for being so kind.”

Frankly, she caught me off guard. I mean, who says that? I got the sense she had being dealing with surly customers. I said please and thank you, and smiled, but nothing more.

“Thank you for being so kind.”

I discovered that I didn’t have a dozen donut holes, I had two dozen.

She had also been kind  

To Close

Kindness is respected in scripture, it’s taught, encouraged, and is a Fruit of the Spirit.

Jesus was kind, especially to children, to widows, and to the lost and hurting. He was full of the milk of human kindness, but not like Macbeth. His kindness wasn’t about others not dying, but about his dying for others.

The Bible
The milk of human kindness? 

He rated a #1 on the kindness meter.

One thought on “The Human Kindness Meter

  1. Thank you for you lesson on Sunday working with HS kids most of my life and seeing the abuse and torment these children go through makes me weep. So much tragedy that is so uncalled for by so many!
    Love you all


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