“I Know Your Sin!”

It was bold, claiming to know everyone’s sin, but he said he knew. I was offended, and curious. Then he said, “It’s the same sin I have: worldly-mindedness.”

He was right.

The World

Every believer struggles with the world. We have a mind for Jesus and a mind for the other thing. Our two natures compete, are in conflict. Which one leads your life?

The Text

Paul wrote, “Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your minds.” Romans 12:2

Conform: “to fashion accordingly.”

Transformed: “to change, to transfigure.”

Renewing: “to renovate”

To paraphrase, “Stop aligning yourselves with worldly standards, instead, be changed, be altered, by having your minds renovated.”

Some Worldly-Mindedness

  1. Pornography: a high percentage of adults and teens are watching.
  2. Suicide: there are increasing numbers of suicides.
  3. Teens: the largest increase in suicide are girls age 12-14.
  4. Hate: racial conflicts, bombing clinics, terrorism, bullying, political issues.
  5. Addictions: alcohol, drugs, food, gambling, porn, digital addictions.

Christians are often just as addicted and just as guilty. We don’t want transformation, we don’t want our minds renovated.

No New Sin

There isn’t anything new, not really. It’s the same old sin. Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit and we’ve been eating it ever since. Cain killed his brother. Jealousy, envy, temptations, desires, and compulsions; all part of the human experience, ever since the first family first sinned.

However, sin has become more aggressive, more available, instantly experienced, more tolerated, more sought and accepted. And its reaching kids at ever younger ages.

Cell phones and the internet are damaging us. Or should I say, we are damaging ourselves with phones and the internet. Teens are addicted to them. So are their parents. Most of the pornography Americans are watching is watched on their phones.

The Gap

The gap between people of God and the world is getting narrower. What’s our problem? It’s worldly-mindedness. Believers are becoming more comfortable with being more like the world.

To Close

The guest preacher stood up and proclaimed to know our sins. He was right. That was 39 years ago, in 1979. If anything, he undersold it.

“Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your minds.”

The Bible

Think about it.

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