Courageous Parenting

All you need is a baby to be a parent. Minimum effort makes a poor parent. Courage is required to be a good one.

Good parenting isn’t easy. Babies cry a lot, require constant attention, and we are never sure what they want or need.


Then we teach them to walk and talk, a big mistake? Now they say the wrong things and go to the wrong places.

Teens want to drive their own cars. They crave independence. Some kids  count the days until they move out. And some won’t leave.

From birth, they journey to become adults. They were born to leave. Sometimes, it’s not soon enough. Sometimes, it’s way too soon.

It takes courage to be good parent.

Courageous Moments

  1. Letting them walk knowing they’ll fall.
  2. Their first day of school.
  3. Watching them ride their bikes out of our sight.
  4. Seeing them walk across a stage, diploma in hand.
  5. Letting them to leave.


Other Courageous Moments

  1. Saying no to someone they want as a friend.
  2. Talking to them about awkward and difficult issues.
  3. Setting an example of faith, values, and truth.
  4. Guiding them when they don’t want it and don’t agree.
  5. Doing what is best for them regardless of how they feel.


It takes courage to be a good parent.

It’s okay when the waves are just ankle high. It’s harder when they are up to our waste and make us feel unsteady. It’s overwhelming when the rushing waves of pornography, violence, and decaying morals come crashing down on our kids. Feels like a tidal wave.

Hang tough moms. Stand strong dads. You are the shield protecting your children from the onslaught of evil, for evil is coming for them.

To Close

Almost anyone can be a parent. It takes no effort at all to be a poor one.

But good parenting takes courage! Be good parents today. 

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