Fine Meals & Nice Suits

Sometimes we do the lesser thing. 

Lesser Things

Eating subpar meals in lesser restaurants to avoid finding a better one.

Buying a cheap, off the rack, suit because it’s faster than tailoring.

Not getting our car repaired because it’s too much hassle.

Sometimes we accept lesser things due to a lack of opportunity, or laziness, or impatience. Sometimes, it takes too much effort to reach for the brass ring.

In Matters of Faith

Faith isn’t a meal, a suit, or a car repair. However, do we sometimes treat God like a lesser thing because He is inconvenient?

We Wouldn’t Choose…

  1. To talk to our spouse only on our anniversary.
  2. To see our children only on their birthdays.
  3. To care for our family when it doesn’t conflict with other things.

That would be absurd. But when it comes to God, do we offer him less?

An Example

Yesterday morning, the combined attendance at my church rose above our average by hundreds. And it won’t be that full again until next Easter.

packed church
Not my church, but you get the idea.

Admittedly, we preachers prefer standing room only to hundreds of empty seats. We’re egocentric that way. But still…

           “Why do so many people only attend Easter Sunday?”

Is it like only speaking to your spouse on your anniversary, or only seeing your kids on their birthday? Is it the subpar restaurant, the cheap suit, or neglecting your car because keeping it in good shape is too much hassle?  

To Close

Nobody’s perfect. Perfection isn’t the goal. The goal is to honor God with our lives, our hearts, and our will. 

Sometimes we do the lesser thing.

But the Lord our God is not a lesser thing, and he should never be offered less. 


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