Who Wants a Hot Dog?

Hot Dogs

Ate a hot dog for dinner. It was okay. Not fond of them, but I ate one.

Places to Get a Hot Dog

  1. Ball games
  2. The Circus
  3. Fast Food Restaurants
  4. Pool Party Cook Outs
  5. Camping Trips
  6. Carnivals
  7. The Store

The best hot dogs are the dogs you get at major league baseball games, or at stock car races, or at a tractor pull and at other exciting events. We love going to those things. It’s how America connects with their heroes. We go to see our favorite hitters, drivers, and ear drum splitters. In other words, to see celebrities.

The Famous

Sometimes famous people accidentally wander down to our level. Like when they are lost or need directions to Walmart.

It’s called a celebrity sighting. We get their autograph, or maybe shake their hands. I had a celebrity sighting in the Atlanta airport. As I approached my gate I recognized one of our famous astronauts. I screwed on my courage and walked over to meet him. He couldn’t have been nicer. We spoke for a few minutes, he even thanked me. He was so cool.

Wow, I realized there was just enough time to get a hot dog.

In Jerusalem

Is that how it was in the Temple courts at Passover? Jesus was there each morning teaching, healing, and helping the people. Huge crowds came to hear him, to see him, and to receive his blessings. The buzz around the city must have been wildly exciting.

“The Messiah is at the Temple, and is teaching, and healing and helping.”


Jesus of Nazareth was famous. He had celebrity status. But he wasn’t lost or needing directions. He was intentionally down on our level. He came for the lost sheep of Israel, for the children, and for those hardest to love. He came for the regular people, to die for them.

Sadly, there weren’t any hot dogs.


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