I Love a Good Parade

A Quick Trip

Monday morning, I had to make a quick road trip. As I got closer, I left the freeway for a county road and within a minute I was at a stand still. Apparently, there was some construction ahead and a long line of cars were waiting. Eventually the traffic resumed. But I was surprised to not see any construction. I didn’t see anything. 

I expected to see something, to see what stopped the cars.

Things That Stop Traffic:

  • Train crossings
  • Construction zones
  • Stalled vehicles
  • Parades

Speaking of Parades

parade pic
I Love A Good Parade!

People love a good parade. They go to see the floats, the marching bands, and the clowns. At the end is the Grand Marshall, if it’s Christmas then its Santa, and if it’s a NASA thing, then its astronauts.

In Jerusalem, it was Jesus Christ.


Jerusalem didn’t know he was coming. There were no announcements, no media alerts. Up at city hall, no permits had been granted. There was nothing on the calendar.

The parade was unexpected. 

Was It Fancy?

As parades go, it wasn’t much. There weren’t any bands, or inflated characters. Nobody rode those tiny little bikes. There were no flowered floats, clowns, or cowboys on horses. 

It was just one man on a donkey.

Big Crowds

News spread quickly. The Messiah was coming down the Mt. of Olives on a donkey. Huge crowds came to see him and many removed their robes and spread them on the road.

The people were unbelievably joyful, they cheered and proclaimed praises to God. It was a great celebration. The Messiah was coming for the Feast of Unleavened Bread, he was coming for Passover. He was coming to be the Passover lamb.

To Close

I was disappointed there wasn’t anything to see. The parade of cars deserved something.

But on that day, no one was disappointed. The savior rode down, crossed the Kidron Valley, and entered Jerusalem through the East Gate. It was a jubilant parade. 

But within days, huge crowds gathered to see him in another parade. To see him walk out of Jerusalem, carrying his cross. They lined the streets and they sneered, cursed, and cried out for violence.

It was Jesus the Lamb of God who took away the sin of the world.

I love a good parade.

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