Dessert: It’s The Best Part

Desserts are fabulous. They are a truly great idea, a wonderful concept.

Nothing better than a yummy dessert. Unless you are too full to eat it.

Monday’s Lunch

On Monday I ate lunch with two good friends. We went to a favored eatery with an eager expectation of a really good meal.

We Ordered

Lilly wrote our order down, and as she was leaving she quipped, “Save room for dessert.” Since we were hungry, and one of us more than the others, the prospect of a desert enhanced our enthusiasm.

Our Food Arrived

We were busy talking and in no time Lilly was back with our food. We dove in, we enjoyed it, and when we were finished, Lilly come back.

“Save room for dessert?”

I looked at my friends, they looked back. “No thank you, we’re full.” For just a few minutes, there hung over our us a sense of sadness, like an elderly gentleman waiting for someone to blow on his soup so he could enjoy it. But, no.

Sounds Good

Dessert always sounds good in a restaurant. It’s the crown jewel, a reward for being something, it’s the way a fine meal is made complete.

Reasons To Have Dessert

  1. It tastes good.
  2. Something sweet hits the spot.
  3. Often, it’s something with chocolate.
  4. Dessert isn’t often served at home.
  5. It just sounds good..

Reasons Not To Have Dessert

  1. No time.
  2. Not enough money.
  3. ?
  4. ?
  5. ?

Well, one good reason is that nobody needs any more calories. Or that it’s loaded with butter, sugar, and cream, and other wondrous things common to fine delicacies. But sadly, it’s the butter, sugar and cream that make it great. Life is hard.

“No thanks, we’re full.” It was the right decision. We were noble.  

To Close

I like good food. But what I really like is good food with good friends. But you know what? We could have eaten fast food, take out, or something mediocre, it wouldn’t have mattered. The worst hotdog shared with good friends is better than the greatest meal eaten with someone you don’t like.

The truly delicious part of food with friends is the friendship.

Happy Eating.

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