Was Jesus a Loser? Am I?

When are you most aware of your need for help?

  1. When you’ve hit rock bottom?
  2. When you’ve been humbled?
  3. When you’ve failed?


We sometimes think that people who are in need have failed in life. That their egos were too big, their arrogance too fat, or that they messed up and got what they deserved. Is it true?

I don’t mean is it true that we think it, but is it true that people in need are victims of their own behavior? Sometimes?  Sometimes not? We all make mistakes, and life can be hard and cruel.

Someone once said this to me:

“Winners never rely on others for help.”

Was Jesus a loser? Twice he was helped by angels: once when he was in the desert and once when he was praying in the garden.

It’s hard to wrap my mind around Jesus not being a winner. 

Jesus knew what it was to be helped. Did he fail in life? He also knew what it was to give help. Am I a failure or a loser for needing his help?

I certainly know what it is to be in need.

Five Characteristics: I’ve noticed this about people in need:

  1. Impoverished: lacking funds, resources, opportunity, health
  2. Disenfranchised: have lost privileges, rights, respect, dignity, connection
  3. Brokenness: can’t function, can’t think clearly, have been decimated
  4. Shame: diminished sense of value, feel deeply unworthy
  5. Humbled: fallen off the ladder, brought low, can’t make it on their own


The Messiah came to help. I guess he knew it would be needed. He asks his followers to do the same.

The church I serve is filled with compassionate people. They help the poor, house the homeless, feed the hungry, visit the sick, and provide for people near and far. They can’t help everyone, but they do what they can and they do a lot. They are Jesus people.

The Southeast Church of Christ: People seeking to be like Jesus.

To Close

We all need a little help now and then, don’t you think?

 I know I do.


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