Happy Saturday!

Its Saturday

If you are Jewish, it’s the Sabbath, don’t forget to go to Synagogue.

If you are Seventh Day Adventist, you should be going to church today. 

If you are religious but lazy, then repent and honor your faith.

Family walking to church together

If you are a pagan, there really isn’t anything for you to do.

If you are a college football fan, it’s a glorious day to play.

Sorry, no college football, but it’s coming soon, just not soon enough. 


If you like going to movies, there are some great flics to see. 

If you like to shop, and why would you, it’s a nice day for it.

Does your house need attention, yard work,  projects, today’s the day.


Or go for a drive, take a walk, play with the kids.


If you have to work today, be happy and joyful, it’s a good day to work.

If you are at the Round Top Flee Market, buy something useless. 

If you are a college basketball fan, it’s April and March Madness is over. Except it isn’t. March madness continues: good luck to South Carolina, Oregon, North Carolina and Gonzaga. May the best team win. If somehow SC doesn’t win, then, well, I don’t’ care. 

Or, if you blog, if you are a blogger, and you don’t have anything to blog about, you could just waste people’s time by blogging about nothing. 


Happy Saturday



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