“Sticks and Stones”

The Words

This phrase first surfaced in The Christian Recorder, in March of 1862:

 “Sticks and Stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me.”

Wow, did someone get that wrong.

I understand the sentiment. A person shouldn’t be a pin cushion for the sharp pointed words of others. We shouldn’t allow ourselves to be the target. We shouldn’t own the insults of others. But still, words can hurt and can be the deepest cuts of all.

Which is the most offensive if used to describe someone?

  1. Goofy
  2. Clown
  3. Obnoxious
  4. Chunky
  5. Weird

Which do you think?

Lots Of Words

Globally, billions of words are spoken every day. They flow from our mouths, keyboards, pens, and pencils. Lots and lots of words.

How long does it take to say the wrong thing? I could speak ten thousand words that were all good and fine. But what happens at ten thousand and one, if the one is the wrong one? It takes less than a blink to make the wrong lasting impression.

My Trouble

I used one of the above words with a friend, and it hurt. There wasn’t anything ugly or insensitive intended, but still, it stung. I apologized and it was appreciated. But better that I hadn’t said it all.

Sometimes our words hurt. Sometimes we need to apologize.


In James 3:2-12 it says that none of us is perfect when it comes to controlling what they say. We all say things we regret. And even if we don’t regret it, we still shouldn’t have said it.

In Closing

Maybe we need to shut our yaps. Lock our lips and seal them shut. Perhaps our greater need is to clean up our minds, purify our hearts, and rid ourselves of damaging thoughts.


“Words can never hurt me?” Really?


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