Today’s Blog

This blog isn’t about parenting, family or friendship. It isn’t about faith, or the Messiah.

Today’s Blog

Today’s blog is about lethargy. It’s the blog of idleness and laziness. If a three-toed sloth had a blog, then today this would be it.

The Blues Blog

Maybe it’s the Monday Blues Blog. You know what I mean. It’s the I don’t want to get up, get going, or go to work blog. Do I have the blues? No, not really, but if it gets me out of work then sure, okay!


Nevertheless, I did get up, I did get going, and now I’m sitting here blogging. But I’m not thrilled about it.

It is me, but not how I’m actually feeling. It’s too happy.

Some Things About Me

  1. I’m not lazy but sometimes I like doing nothing and being unproductive.
  2. I’m not depressed but sometimes I feel sad.
  3. I don’t have iron poor blood but there are moments when I lack energy.
  4. I love my family, my work, and my life; almost all the time.
  5. Can you relate?

This won’t be a popular blog today. It won’t be viral; just insipid. It will read as vapid, void of value, and lacking virtue. Void of value and lacking virtue are nearly the same, but I like the cadence of three and was determined to do it with v’s.

Should You Be Concerned About Me?

Sure, of course, absolutely. I don’t know about what, because I’m fine, doing well, and happy. But it seems like a nice thing to have people be concerned about me, so go ahead if you like.

To Close

I’ll be back tomorrow blogging about something important and worthwhile. So if you are still reading this I’ll apologize for wasting your time.

It’s Monday and I don’t want to be an a responsible citizen today.

Oh well.


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