The Troubled Parent, Pt 6

“These times they are a-changin.”

It’s a lyric from a 1964 Bob Dylan song. But our time is changing as well, and rapidly. The changes are frightening, and affecting families everywhere, and parents are struggling.

A 7th Grade Student’s Perspective of His School

  1. Kids make out in the hallway that doesn’t have security cameras.
  2. Kids talk openly about others being gay.
  3. There is talk about people being transgender.
  4. I have a friend whose parents smoke weed and lets him smoke too.
  5. Boys talk openly about having sex.

That from a 7th grader.

Differences From “Yesterday” to “Today”

  1. Acceptance of LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender)
  2. Unrestricted access to the internet (pornography)
  3. Social Media: it creates an exaggerated sense of popularity. It magnifies the fears of not fitting in and encourages kids to publicize their bad choices in hopes of gaining popularity. More peer pressure.

The times are changing. The open acceptance, if not advancement, of LGBT in public schools is on the rise.

Parents must engage. There is a war for their children’s souls. There is a battle for the Christian faith. The enemy is well funded, highly organzied, and is advancing forcefully on every front.

As a parent, what are your goals and spiritual concerns for your children?

One Parent’s Spiritual Goals & Concerns:

  1. How do I give my child a Christian view in a secular world?
  2. How do I teach my child to value truth but still love people?
  3. How do I show Jesus to my child so that he grows to love him?
  4. How do I teach my child to have compassion for the hurting, and to have a heart that looks to the needs of others?


Is It About Better Skills?

All good parents want to be better parents. There’s a constant quest for better skills, new techniques, and more effective methods. But here is a different perspective.

From the book, “Parenting Beyond Your Capacity”

“We can buy into the myth that we have to make more lists, get more organized, work much harder and never make mistakes in order to be successful parents. But instead, we need to remember that our influence has more to do with our relationships with our children than it does our skills as parents.”

Some Closing Thoughts

  1. There is no substitute for having a close relationship with your kids.
  2. The challenge is to stay connected, from nursery to graduation.
  3. Remember: you are the best thing that ever happened to your children.
  4. All parents get  discouraged and sometimes feel like they are failing.
  5. There is no greater fear than thinking you are losing your child.

To Close

Parents, let’s open our eyes. Let’s surrender the right to be distracted and distant. Sin and immorality are being packaged as healthy, normal, and positive life choices.

There’s a wicked storm blowing in, and its headed right for your children.

So, may God bless you and grant you peace as you raise your children in the love and admonition of the Lord!

This concludes the six part series on parenting.

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