The Troubled Parent, Pt 1

What are the biggest challenges parents face today?

Here’s A List

  1. Time for family and career.
  2. Effectively disciplining children.
  3. Allowing independence in a dangerous world.
  4. The cost of raising children.
  5. Being a single parent without help or support.
  6. Ensuring they receive a quality education.
  7. Having unreasonable expectations of children.
  8. Dealing with bedtime hassles.
  9. Avoiding consumerism in a consumer-centric society.
  10. Guarding against technology influences.

That’s a serious list. It’s the stuff keeping parents up at night with doubts, fears, and anxiety. It’s tough being a parent. Is it getting tougher?

Here’s Another List

  1. Parenting the child I have, not the one I wish I had.
  2. Allowing the child to experience the discomfort of consequences.
  3. Parents coping with judgment and shame from other parents.
  4. Feeling like you are failing your child.
  5. Being a “good enough”parent.


Consulting the Hand Book

“Wait, there’s a parenting handbook?” Sorry, not really. Which doesn’t mean there aren’t books. At Amazon I entered, “Parenting Books” and got 230,216 results. Not to mention the workshops, classes, websites, blogs, sermons, seminars, lectures and college courses offered on parenting. 

With all the help, why aren’t we a society of excellent parents with perfect kids?

But clearly, we aren’t. 

Perfect Parenting

Is it a myth? The impossible dream?  I wasn’t a perfect parent. Didn’t raise perfect kids. So, I’ll ask, “Should perfection even be the goal?”

Parenting isn’t perfect because there aren’t any perfect parents.

Our world has become an ugly, hateful, and broken place. Parents needs an effective compass, a steady heading to navigate through a culture of shifting values and moral pluralism. Without a compass, we are adrift!

To Close

Perhaps there’s never been a more important time for parents to be confident, focused, and effective.

If effective parenting isn’t found in the world, then can it be found in God? I know, there is more to parenting than faith. But everything strong rests on a solid foundation. Do you have a solid foundation in God?  Does your parenting?

How is your compass?

I’m going to post about parenting for a while. I hope to offer something helpful, or at least something encouraging. So stay tuned.

To be continued…

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