My Favorite Moments

Some sweet moments.

A Typical Sunday

Typically, the church I serve will have 800- 850 in attendance with 30-40 people watching online. We aren’t a big church, or a small one. But we are a loving church, more loving and accepting than any I’ve known.

My Favorite Thing

I love preaching but the preaching isn’t my favorite thing.

Nope. My favorite thing is the children: all the babies, throngs of toddlers, tons of kids and hordes of teens.


This Past Sunday

Sunday morning, the sweetest little four-year-old came running up to see me. She was smiling and laughing, and is just an adorable child. As are her mommy and daddy, whom I had the honor of uniting in marriage seven years ago yesterday. Happy Anniversary friends.

Then a 6th grader and a 5th grader, told me about how they take notes during my sermon. They asked if I could preach longer so they would have more time to capture what’s on the slides up on the screens. They said taking notes helps them pay attention and makes the sermons less boring.

They’re the only ones that have asked me to preach longer. I love them.

Then a 6th grade boy rushed to give me a hug, as he does every Sunday. He’s a sweet kid and one of the best kids I’ve ever known.

During 2nd service, a 4th grade girl was signing for our deaf members. It was her first time and she was so happy. Her face was angelic, with a non-stop smile, for among the group were her hearing-impaired mother and father. She was signing for her parents. Made me cry.

Anyway, My Favorite Thing

I’ve known all these kids since they were born, or very nearly so. And there’s a couple hundred more just like them.

My church is a very loving church, and I am so blessed.

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