Blog #300

Is the number, “300” in any way significant? 

Here are some “300” things:

  1. It’s a movie title
  2. It’s a movie title sequel
  3. The term, “fairy godmother” was first used 300 years ago
  4. It’s a perfect bowling score
  5. A book of 20 stories, each 300 words long, was published in 2014
  6. It takes 300 digits to number the pages in a 136-page book
  7. This is my 300th blog

Okay, Sure

Of those seven things, my blog is the least important, and perhaps the least interesting, of all of them.

On the other hand, if you are reading this then my blog is the most significant thing you could think of to read right now. Wow, thanks!

The Competition

One source states that there are 152,000.000 blogs. Really? Mine may not be the only blog you read, in fact, it probably isn’t. However, it’s the only one I write.

A Celebration?

I’m not celebrating my 300th blog. There aren’t’ any balloons. There won’t be a party, there won’t be cake. And except for you readers, I’m not alerting the media.

Just the same, thanks for reading. Thanks for following my blog and for checking in through Facebook, Twitter, or at my website. Thanks for buying my current book.  


To Close

Solomon once wrote that there was no end to reading and learning. He was right. 

There will be more books, magazines, blogs, tweets, postings, and pamphlets than any of us could ever read. I guess that’s as it should be.

Just the same, this is my 300th blog, and I’m proud of the work.

Have a blessed day!



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