The Quest: Solitude, Part 3

Do you have a spiritual quest?

What Is It?

A spiritual quest (SQ) is a goal, or objective. Begin with an idea, something for which you are passionate, then let it mushroom with heartfelt urgency. Not quick action, poor choices, or bad decisions, but an urgency that can’t be ignored.

A SQ isn’t about one’s profession, or avocation. It isn’t a goal shaped by this world. It’s about you and God. It’s a holy desire that must be realized. It’s a quest that must be fulfilled. It calls you, it moves you, and it will not be denied.


  1. Moses seeking God’s face on Mt Sanai.
  2. David’s need to raise God’s honor by defeating the Philistines.
  3. Nehemiah’s brokenness over Jerusalem’s walls.
  4. Jesus with the Father: In the wilderness and the garden of Gethsemane.
  5. Paul wanting to know the fellowship of Christ’s suffering.


Sierra Exif JPEG
A Metaphor: Finding the Voice of God

The SQ may involve spiritual development, or specific action. But the corner stone of the quest is a holy hunger for God. To know him better, deeper, to experience him.

The Challenges

The SQ will face challenges. Maybe in the form of distraction, road blocks, or persecution. Our world doesn’t encourage spiritual development. Our culture doesn’t facilitate the deeper things of God, to the contrary, it raises hurdles and obstacles.

One of the hurdles may be in hearing the voice of God. Listening is essential to the SQ. Noise engulfs us, permeating our minds. We are distracted by the moving parts.

(to read more on distraction and solitude click here: The Blog of Solitude, Part 2

When do we hear his voice? Are we hearing his voice? A worthwhile SQ could be to reconnect with the heart of God.

From Henri Nouwen,

“Many of us have adapted ourselves too well to the general mood of lethargy. Others among us have become tired, exhausted, disappointed, bitter, resentful, or simply bored. Still others have remained active and involved—but have ended up living more in their own name than in the Name of Jesus Christ.”

To Close

A passion for God. A holy hunger. A quest for his presence and deeper meaning in our lives. Does it exist? Can it be found? Where do we look?

Achieving our SQ may require solitude. It may require a desert experience. In fact, finding the listening place for the voice of God may be our first SQ.

….to be continued.


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