The Blog of Solitude

Part One

Here’s a thing: Sensory Deprivation

A Definition

It’s an intentional reduction, or elimination, of environmental stimuli.

The Senses

Most of us probably have an image of the Sensory Deprivation tanks. The tank is an enclosed tub with enough water and salt to stretch out, float, and be totally relaxed. Once inside you are cut off from sight, sound, touch, and smell. Even gravity is suspended due to the high saline.

The SD tanks were used in psychological studies, in some therapy models, and various other applications. It was considered pop-culture in the 60’s when it was used with psychotropic drugs. Groan.

Am I Crazy?

I’m in no way drawn to a deprivation tank. But the idea of reduced stimuli seems nice. Maybe they were on to something.

Perhaps I could experience a virtual tank? I could:

  1. Turn off TV
  2. Turn off computer
  3. Turn off phone
  4. Turn off tablet
  5. Turn off stereo
  6. Turn off the widgets and gadgets
  7. Turn it all off

Our washer/dryer has more dings, chimes, and jingles than a doorbell factory. Good grief.

Solitude and Silence

I’m becoming a fan, but there doesn’t seem to be many of us. Of course, being alone is a singular experience so how would I know?

Quiet solitude isn’t a disease or a sign of a sick mind. However, it does seem to be highly unpopular. So we fidget in the silence and twitch in the solitude. Have we become a nation of stimulation cravers? 

 I’ve decided to seek solitude and silence, but I’m having trouble finding them. Not with a search warrant, or even a magnifying glass, are they readily apparent. But I’m not giving up. Maybe I should write about it? Yes, that’s it!

The Blog of Solitude

Sweet tranquility will be realized through tens of thousands of electronic stimuli all permanently placed on the world wide web.

Countless throngs of people, or perhaps dozens, will read my solitude blog! What do you think of this for a tag line:

            “Less stimuli through blogging.”

To Close

Man, I love changing the world. Look for what’s coming next on the Blog of Solitude.


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