Two Stories

Two cheesey stories

1st Story

A guy comes in for breakfast and starts grumbling about church. He says, “It takes too long, it’s really dull, and the sermons are boring. I think I’m staying home.” And then his wife said, “But honey, you’re the preacher!”

2nd Story

Two men sat down to eat. One opened his lunch box and said, “Peanut butter and jelly, everyday its peanut butter and jelly, I’m so tired of peanut butter and jelly.” Then his friend remarked, “Joe, don’t you pack your own lunch?”

It’s easy to get bored, restless, and tired of things. Someone will say, “Rick, if you want things to be better then its up to you.” True enough.

But couldn’t someone else do something to make my life better?

It turns out someone did. 

By Contrast

I was thinking about the differences between the early church and the modern church. What was worship like in the 1st century? Was it dull? Boring? Was it too long?

Since I’m the preacher I know the sermons are never dull and boring!

I don’t really know how their experience was different from our own. But I know we have something they didn’t.  

  1. Electricity
  2. Central Heating/Air Conditioning
  3. Restrooms
  4. Drinking fountains
  5. Kitchens
  6. Classrooms
  7. Lights
  8. Thousands of songs
  9. Parking lots
  10. Bulletins/ Order of Worship
  11. A gym, nursery, fellowship halls, offices, and comfortable seating
  12. Wi-Fi
  13. Giant screens
  14. Freedom to worship 
  15. Oh, and Bibles

I appreciate all of those. And guess what? I did absolutely nothing to invent, build, or develop any of them. I just walk in, sit down, and enjoy.

The Southeast Church of Christ Meets Here: It’s A Great Place To Meet!


I have doctors, grocery stores, malls, and restaurants. I have access to countless businesses offering every kind of service and to countless stores selling every kind of stuff.

And I’ve done absolutely nothing to make any of that happen.

In Closing

Actually, when I think about it, lots of people have done lots of things to make my life better. Not the least of which is the Lord my God.


Thanks everybody!


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