The Promises

Post hoc, ergo propter hoc. It’s Latin, and means: after this, and therefore resulting from it. In other words, “one thing leads to another.” Does it?

Not Always

It’s erroneous to think that because the first thing happened that what followed was inevitable, that it’s always a cause and effect relationship. But sometimes it is.

We Don’t Always Know

There are many things in life that happen for reasons that are hard to pin down. But I know this, and have great confidence about it: the promises of God are certain. And because they are, I can make decisions and choices based on his promises. That assurance allows me to live my life with certitude.

In Christ

I have been sealed, with the promised Holy Spirit. The Spirit within is a guarantee of my eternal inheritance. It’s a foundation that I’ve built my life on. It’s a promise that allows me to not just survive, but to thrive.

I know life can be hard. There’s grief, sorrow, and sadness. There’s hardship and heartache. But they will not crush me, will not overwhelm me, and they will not defeat me.

My faith in isn’t based on a privileged, painless eternity on earth, that’s a rose garden not promised to me.

His Promises

The promises of God allow me to live in faith. I believe. Because I believe, I can commit to certain values. I can care for the poor, help the homeless, and give comfort to the suffering. I can give of my resources and give them generously. I can be assured that everything I need will be provided and restored.

To Close

I’m a blessed man. Not just because I write this blog from inside a warm home while others suffer in the cold. Or because I have a good breakfast while others go hungry. 

I’m blessed because I have the promises of God, I am sealed for salvation, and I stand strong on the foundation of His commitment to me.

With God, one thing does lead to another. 


Have a blessed Sunday.


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