I Love Trains

Do you like trains? We had model trains growing up. For years we had an electric train, the Santa Express, that ran on a track around the tree.

Not Our Tree or Train, But Really Close

A Bigger Train

There are train tracks between my house and the church office. Mostly the trains, which seem miles long, run late at night. In the last six months I’ve had to stop maybe three times.

Not As Fun

The big trains aren’t as cute, or as much fun, or as interesting as the Santa Express. Mostly, they are oil and chemical cars. Every car looks the same, a dull grey with some undecipherable black lettering. Once the engine goes by, and maybe a half dozen cars, boredom sets in and I’m just ready for it to be over.

Not Exactly The Same Car, But Close, Very Close

Wednesday Night

Wednesday evening, as I was driving home from our mid-week service, I had to stop for a train. Many were stopped, an endless line of cars in both lanes. It was more of a parking lot.

The train had slowed to a sloth like pace. Meaning I had to squint to see if it was even moving. It was, barely. Twenty-eight minutes later, the train was finished, and so was I.

Not Houston Or Houston’s Trains, But Close Enough

While I Waited

Here’s a list of things I did while waiting:

  1. I waited.
  2. Listened to music.
  3. Made two phone calls.
  4. Looked around at the other cars.
  5. Noticed other drivers getting antsy.
  6. Had an annoyance that morphed into irritation.
  7. Prayed a little.
  8. Wondered why I bought a house across the tracks.
  9. Did a happy dance when the train finished crossing.

Performing a happy dance while driving is frowned upon in the Texas State Drivers Manual. Fortunately, I was not stopped, ticketed, or asked to perform the dance for what would certainly have been a bewildered Houston Police Officer. Uh Huh.


Patience is a virtue and highly prized in the sacred text of scripture. So are perseverance, longsuffering, and self-control. These virtues exist within me. I have them.

I just don’t have them in great supply.

To Close

On second thought. I love trains and appreciate every opportunity they provide to practice my religion.


One thought on “I Love Trains

  1. Rick, We were in the same line with you Wednesday night at the tracks. Our house is only 2 blocks away from the tracks so we get to hear every train everyday and have for 44 years. I don’t mind hearing the train whistle, but I don’t like having to wait for it to pass on by. After 44 years, I have a little more patience waiting for the train to pass on by.
    Janice Flurry


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