His Tender Mercy

Changed, not just affected or influenced, but different.

What Happened?

Actually, there have been several life events that were more than an amazing moment or a great idea. I’ll list some in the hopes that they’ll remind you of some of your own.

  1. An impoverished Haitian mother who begged me to take her baby.
  2. Walking through the Holocaust Museum in Jerusalem.
  3. Praying at the wailing wall.

Why they changed me isn’t relevant. The point is that I was changed.


The process of changing from one thing into something else is metamorphosis. It’s also known as transformation. Like liquid to steam or water to ice.

It’s also known as sanctification.


It’s a religious word, meaning to be sanctified, or to sanctify. It’s found about a dozen times in the New Testament.


When I got a head cold, my mom filled the vaporizer with water, put some Vick’s Vapor Rub by the spout, and turned it on. Within minutes, I was able to breath much better. It was fantastic.

The water changed into steam. Because it changed, I was changed.



At its core, sanctification is making holy what is unholy; make righteous what is unrighteous. It’s the ministry of God. 

The Change

Jesus hasn’t just affected my life. He’s more than an influence or a new idea. Because of him I am a new creation and filled with the Spirit of God, it’s his gift to me.

Spirtiually, I’ve been sanctified.

To Close

God made me holy, for I was unholy. He made me righteous, for I was unrighteous. These changes didn’t happen by my goodness, but by his, by his tender mercy. 

It’s called sanctification.


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