Blinded by the Light?

It was overpowering, it was just too much.

Here’s What Happened

I installed some exterior lighting in the atrium of our house. I’ve spent the last five months remodeling the space, but it’s finished now and it looks great. I’m enjoying the quiet atmosphere and peaceful tranquility.

But it needed some light for the evenings. So I installed some lighting.

Too Much

One of the lights was a halogen spot light that I bought specifically to light up one of the corners. It did. It lit it up like the sun. It was too much! So I disconnected it.

Some things just don’t need that much light.

The Spotlight

Some of us have a challenge with light. We love it. We love it too much. For us the light is about everyone seeing just how good and gifted we are. It’s about ego, pride, and a maybe a haughty arrogance. Maybe?


Sound like anyone you know? Does it sound like me? Like you?

The Light

Light is a wonderful thing. Without it nothing survives. Everything that has ever lived was alive because of light. On the first day of creation, God made light. The sun, moon, and stars weren’t created until the 4th day. But there was light on the first day.

Jesus is the light of the world. As his disciples, we also are the light of the world. He said to let our light shine in such a way that others would glorify the Father.

Is there a difference between shining our light and letting our light shine? Is there a difference between serving so others will see us and serving so others will see God?

Today, try to shine so people will see him, for everything should point to him.

To Close

Some things can have too much light. It can be overpowering. 


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