“I Can Do It Myself”


A young father came in to the bagel shop with his son who was about four and wearing his Spiderman PJ’s.

Not Spiderman PJ’s, But Close

 Here’s What Happened

They got settled at a table with bagels, a cup of coffee, and a juice box. He gave a bagel to his son, pulled the straw off the juice box, and then immediately heard, “I can do it by myself, I can do it by myself.” “Okay, let me get it out of the wrapper,” said Dad.

He handed the straw to his son, who with a giant smile, plunged it into the box. I think the plunging was his favorite part.

“I can do it by myself.” 

Took Me Back

I was instantly transported nearly 30 years, to breakfasts with my own superhero, wearing his Bat Man costume or his Ninja Turtle PJ’s.

Honestly, I got a little emotional. Those were great times and sweet memories.

I remember my son saying, “Dad, I can do it, I can do it.” Then a few years later I heard it  from my daughter; just like my parents heard it from me.

Some Spiritual Application?

Is God still hearing the words? “I can do it myself Lord, I can do it myself.”

Does he see my stubborn will, choosing my own path, insisting on my own way? Does he grow weary, if the Lord gets weary, of my pushing him aside so I can think, say, and do what I want?

I’m a long way from four, and my dinosaur PJ’s are ancient history. But to the Lord, I may  still be a strong willed child.

To Close

There’s a line from an old hymn, “My stubborn will, at last I have yielded.” It’s a good line. Here’s another one:

“Humble yourselves, therefore, under God’s mighty hand, that he may lift you up in due time,” (I Peter 5:6).

It is a good line and pretty good advice. But am I too stubborn to follow it?
“I can do it myself, I can do it myself!”


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