Getting Boxed

Good things come in small packages.

Sure They Do

However, dynamite comes in small packages, as do test tubes filled with bacteria. But yes, jewelry, gift cards, and cash come in small packages. Does that mean that bad things come in big packages?

A Delivery

I got a delivery from Amazon. It was a wrought iron bracket I needed to mount an outdoor lantern. The part that screwed into the wall was 3” long and the arm was 5” long.

The bracket came inside a cardboard box that was easily ten times too large. And that box was inside another box big that was big enough to hold a flat screen TV. To fill the extra space, they used those inflated plastic cells that are all linked together. There were miles of it.

The bracket wasn’t expensive, and I’m not an expert, but I’m guessing the packaging cost more than the bracket.


It’s A Good Bracket

I was happy to get the bracket, it’s now attached to a wall in my atrium and is perfect for the lantern. It looks great.

Good things come in small packages. Evidently, they come in big packages too.

Somewhere, that made sense to someone. “Hey,” he thought, “I think I’ll pack this tiny bracket in a box that’s way too big and then put that box in another box that’s really way to big and then ship it to some poor sap in Texas.”

I thought about returning it in a refrigerator box! That would teach them. Yep, way to go Rick, way to stand up for something. But of course, I didn’t. 

In Closing

Okay, I know. There’s more to life than obsessing over the size of a shipping box.


There are people in need, problems to solve, and situations requiring attention. I need to let it go. Put it behind me. Just move on and do something meaningful with my life. Yes, that sounds right.


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