Defined by Fingerprints?

Kids look like their parents, usually.


One way to identify kids is by their parental resemblance. Children will often have the facial features of one and a physical trait of the other. Maybe it’s hair or eye color, or something else.

Kids will often have the personality of a parent. People will say, “He or she is just like their mom or dad.”

“The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree,” people will say.

Is It Guaranteed?

But identity by resemblance isn’t guaranteed. You can’t go through life using pictures of your parents as proof of identity.  

After science developed it, fingerprinting became a primary method for determining identity. Today, there are retinal scans, DNA testing, and facial recognition software.

But the standard has long been fingerprinting.


 Spiritual Application

Spiritually speaking, how can others tell whose child I am? I’m created in the image of God, but just as chemicals or rough physical labor can erode fingerprints, sin can erode resemblance to the creator.

Are there new fingerprints for those who have been born again?

Perhaps the fruits of the Spirit? Or that of being filled with the Spirit? Maybe it’s the character of God manifested by ongoing transformation?

To Think About

Spiritually, we have divine identity. Every child of God has divine prints. For we are his children, born again into his glorious kingdom of light.  

What binds us together isn’t our looks, personalities, or parental similarities. Those things don’t define who we are in God, or who we are with each other. They don’t determine our divine identity.   

To Close

We are all different people. But if we are a new creation in Christ, then we take on his divine nature, and wear on our soul, the fingerprints of God.


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