Heaven’s Little Morsels

Now for something important; I’d like to say a few words about candy.

My Official Position

Officially, I hate candy. It’s bad. It’s the sugar, just processed, refined, granulated sugar. The kind that kills lab rats when they are pumped full of it for weeks, months, or even longer.

Candy has no real value. It contributes to all kinds of ill-health. It’s bad.  

My Unofficial Position

Unofficially, I love candy. It’s great. It’s the sugar, just copious amounts of wonderful, delicious, sugar. The kind that keeps me coming back for weeks, months, or even longer.


Actually, there is a whole thing about candy. Its personal, people are as selective about their candy as they are about other things they crave.

Some Observations

  1. Some like penny candy, individually wrapped little pieces.
  2. Some like the fruit based, high fructose candy.
  3. Some enjoy just about anything on a stick, even corndogs.
  4. Others crave heaven’s little morsels: milk chocolate.
  5. Some serve an evil master: dark chocolate.

Personally, I love milk chocolate, it’s the only chocolate that should be made; and the only candy that should be eaten.

Dark chocolate is just wrong. It is bitter, has a horrible aftertaste, and should be outlawed in all 50 states. I don’t get why so many women prefer dark chocolate. But then, I don’t get why women prefer a lot of things. Mars and Venus I guess. I’m from Pluto.

The Daily Discipline

I try to refrain from sugar and candy, and do so almost all the time. But yesterday, I was thinking a small piece of milk chocolate would make me happy. I found some and it did.

But I had to scrounge for it. I asked around the office but all they had was the cheap, empty, meaningless candy. Then I found something fantastic. It was just a tiny square, but it was awesome. I was so happy.

To Close

So keep your hard candy, your taffy, your candy on a stick, and all your interloping gummy based, chewable want-a-be’s suitable only for raccoons and children’s vitamins. And cast all your dark chocolate into a fiery pit.

I’ll have a milk chocolate with caramel and sea salt, thank you!!!

Please: No disagreements, debates, texts, tweets, phone calls, messages, or emails.

Thank you.

The Management.

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