A David & Goliath Thing?

Great game last night. Clemson prevailed 35-31.

A Competitive Contest

  1. Alabama was favored to win.
  2. Clemson scored three TD’s in the 4th quarter.
  3. It was competitive to the last second of the game.

Some Observations

  1. Alabama seemed to be the better team: faster, larger, and stronger.
  2. But they made some key mistakes.
  3. Still, it felt like Alabama would win, until the last 2:00 minutes.

It was a come from behind victory. Another example of don’t give up, don’t give out, and don’t give in. Clemson just refused to lose. 

An Unlikely Player

The winning touchdown came with only 6 seconds on the clock. It was a two-yard pass play from Clemson’s QB to the smallest player on the field, a kid named Hunter Renfrow.


Lots of people told Hunter that he would never play Division 1 football, that he shouldn’t get his hopes up. He was a walk-on player, just 5’10” and 155 pounds. But his family believed. His Dad, a HS football coach in South Carolina, endlessly encouraged his son. His mom threw hundreds and hundreds of passes to him in their back yard. He made the team, with a full scholarship.

He wasn’t big enough, strong enough, or fast enough. The college scouts didn’t notice him. But last night, with multiple millions watching, he scored the touchdown that crowned his team National Champions.

He was David and Alabama was Goliath. David won.

To Close

David was an unlikely hero. He was too small, too young, and wasn’t even a soldier. It was absurd for him to fight the giant, but he did.

David knew something Goliath didn’t, that some battles are fought by God, and size, strength, and weapons won’t make a difference. A huge sword over a small stone? Really?

When the Lord does the fighting, nothing else matters.


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