My Plant Died

A plant died in my yard. It was green and now it’s not. What happened?

Not My Dead Plant, But Close, Very Close

Here’s What Happened?

It froze to death. I woke up and it was 26 degrees. Not cold by some standards, but cold for me, and for my plant.

We bought this house in August. One of the attractions was the mature landscaping, especially in the backyard, it was green and charming. It’s a bit less charming.

Something To Think About

  1. I knew the cold was coming.
  2. There was time to cover the plants, but I thought, “I’ll get to it later.”
  3. Green things require some attention to live.

Something Else To Think About

Life has cold fronts too. Severe temperatures can threaten us. Maybe it’s our marriage or family. It could be our career or financial well-being. Sometimes it’s our health. 

Question: When is the best time to deal with a hard freeze, after the plant it dead?

Consider This

  1. Most of the time we feel the threat, we sense something is coming.
  2. We need to address it; if we wait too long, we may wake up to a dead marriage, a lost family, and a ship-wrecked career.
  3. Marriage, family, and even our faith, are like green things, they require some attention to live. 

In Closing

I pray your days are sunny and warm. But if the arctic air is headed your way, then don’t be proud, stubborn, or lazy.

Keep your eyes open, your heart soft, and your mind attuned to what matters.

Some things require attention to live.


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