It’s A Jesus Thing

Yesterday I helped put away some Christmas trees and decorations.

Not At Home

It wasn’t at home; it was at church. It wasn’t just me; but several of us. How did it happen? Well, one of the several asked if I could help. I said, “Sure.”

Not Us And Not Our Tree

Did I Mind?

I didn’t really mind. It was a team-effort with a team-load of work. There were trees and decorations in the Worship Center and throughout the building, including a huge tree in the main lobby. It was all beautiful and festive and contributed to the joy of the holidays. But it was time for it all to come down, so it could all go up.

Go Up?

Yes, as in up in the attic and upstairs in a large mechanical room. Several trips up and down. The climate control systems were working fine, it was comfortable when I started. But with each trudging of stairs I experienced genuine climate change.

It’s The Way of Things

The trees go up and the trees come down; it  just goes in circles. The calendar, the holidays, and our routines, just around and around. But that shouldn’t discourage us, for life is full of purpose.

Living With Purpose

Do you live with purpose? I do, at least most of the time. Personally, I’m married and have adult children, that has purpose. Professionally, I preach two services each Sunday, manage the ministry staff, and work closely with our church leaders. I teach, counsel, and mentor throughout the week. I’m a vision caster, an evangelist, and an officiant of funerals and weddings and events. There are 1145 members in my church and life is busy. But my life has purpose; and I’m deeply blessed.


But occasionally, I also schlep trees up stairs, and other things too. It isn’t part of my compensation or job description. It isn’t part of my ministry, nor does my leadership expect me to do it.

So why do it, why should I help? Well, because I was asked. And guess what, the people that asked, that were already working, it wasn’t in their job descriptions either.

I Love Christmas

To Close

It’s the nature of Jesus to serve, and we seek his nature, it’s a Jesus thing. I think he would have helped had he been asked.

Actually, I think he wouldn’t have had to be asked.


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