New Year’s: Searching For Reasons

Do you celebrate New Year’s? Should it be celebrated? 

New Year’s

Our Federal government proclaimed New Year’s a holiday on June 28, 1870. As a nation, we have been officially celebrating it for 146 years.

Thing About It

New Year’s doesn’t acknowledge a president’s birthday, or a famous explorer, or a champion of human rights. It doesn’t embrace any religious purpose. It doesn’t celebrate our nation’s freedom or honor the sacrifice of fallen soldiers. It isn’t a national day of prayer and fasting as was the original declaration of Thanksgiving. 

Reasons People Celebrate New Year’s

  • It’s a national holiday
  • Promise of a better year
  • The parties
  • An opportunity to drink
  • It’s on the calendar
  • It’s something to do
  • It’s what we do
  • What else is there to do?
  • It welcomes the New Year
  • It’s an American tradition

As Near As I Can Tell

As near as I can tell, the entire focus of New Year’s is the end of one year and the beginning of another. It’s the turning of a calendar.

Some New Year’s Numbers

  1. New Year’s Eve is the most popular drinking day in America.
  2. One million will crowd Time Square to watch the ball drop.
  3. Another billion will watch from around the world.
  4. $3200 is the price for a direct view of the ball from the Marriott Hotel.
  5. 360 million glasses of Champagne will be served.

Millions will drink too much and put people’s safety at risk.


In Closing

I’m not against celebrating New Year’s. I’m just struggling to find a reasonable reason to do so. It isn’t about honor, or remembering, or acknowledging something sacred or patriotic. It doesn’t encourage faith, thanksgiving ,or anything spiritual. 

I guess having fun is the purpose of New Year’s? 

Be safe. Be responsible. Be wise.




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