Pt 12: Twelve Days of Christmas

The Twelve Days of Christmas conclude today, the day to reflect.

It’s The Morning After Christmas

I’m thinking about the events of the past few weeks. The parties in our home with friends and coworkers were sweet and enriching. The three days I got to spend in the Texas Hill Country were fun and restful. Our Children’s Christmas Musical was a night to remember.

The Christmas Eve service was a beautiful expression of God’s love expressed in the birth of his son. Seeing hundreds of candles lifted up in honor of the infant king never fails to move me!

Our Christmas Sunday service was just tremendous, so very uplifting, immersing us in the good news of great joy.

Then finally, it was Christmas at our house. The fireplace was crackling, the stockings were filled, and brightly wrapped presents eagerly awaited us. It was a Christmas I’ll never forget.

Regarding Joseph & Mary

Their trip to Bethlehem, with Mary nine months pregnant, must have been very hard. I’ve imagined their experience out there in the cold, with the animals. What a difficult place for Mary to deliver her firstborn child.  I’ve thought about that night, a night of angels and shepherds. It was a night divine, a silent and holy night.


I’ve wondered about their anxiety with Herod trying to kill the baby. And what about the other families; the infant sons who Herod arranged to kill in his efforts to exterminate the new born King. How horrible for them and how distressing to Mary and Joseph knowing other families lost their babies while they escaped to Egypt. What a burden to carry.

And Finally

Christmas is a lot of things to a lot of people. But in the beginning, it was the night of Immanuel. The night our God came near. For God so loved his world that he gave us his son. Ours was a world in great need of love, forgiveness, and a savior. 

TheNativity (600 x 300)

 When we say, “Merry Christmas” what we are really saying is:

     “May the God of all grace bless you in the celebration of his Son’s birth.” 

Merry Christmas

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