Pt 8: Twelve Days of Christmas

We often know the right thing to do, but choosing to do it is the real test.

Some Difficult News

Imagine, your fiancé has just informed you that she is pregnant. You know the baby couldn’t possibly by yours. You are beyond disappointment, you are devastated. The two of you were promised to each other and the promise was based on you both being virgins. Sadly, your dream of a sweet life with her has ended.

How could she do this to you?

Unbelievably, she swears she hasn’t been with a man. “So how can you be pregnant,” you ask her. She says, “The baby is from God, through the power of the Spirit. Gabriel appeared to me and said this was going to happen, I promise!”

You respond with, “Uh huh, okay.” Then, with a bitter soul, you bellow out your anger, tell her it’s over, and leave forever.

Doing The Right Thing

Instead of being bitter, what if you chose to be considerate. You decide not to embarrass her with shame and public disgrace. That’s exactly what Joseph did. He must have been broken hearted but he still chose compassion over vengeance. He chose to be righteous.

Then the angel explained everything to him. Can you imagine the next conversation between Joseph and Mary?

joseph and mary

To Think About

Jesus is Lord, King, and the Savior of the world. But some 2,000 years ago, in a small Galilean village, it almost ended before it started. A lesser man would have walked away and called for the stoning pit for Mary. But Joseph wasn’t a lesser man.

Jesus Did The Right Thing

When the time came, Jesus chose compassion instead of wrath and judgment. He gave up his right to condemn. Even on the cross he forgave those who were violently cruel to him.

Yes, Jesus did his Father’s will. But from the human perspective, Jesus turned out just like his Dad. Joseph must have been a wonderful example to his son.

TheNativity (600 x 300)

In Closing

We don’t know much about Joseph. But he was heaven’s choice to be the Messiah’s earthly father. In this season of Immanuel, I am deeply grateful for Joseph.

Because he was a righteous man, we are all blessed beyond measure.

Merry Christmas

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