Pt 4: Twelve Days of Christmas

“All Alone On Christmas,” is the title of a Christmas song released by Darlene Love in 1992. Tough to be all alone on Christmas.

The Grandparents

Seems like their whole world revolves around the grandkids. I loved having grandma visit us. She was fun, laughed a lot, and was really cool. She bought me my first skateboard, though I’m not sure she had my parent’s approval. Grandma was the best!

What About Jesus?

Although Jacob was mentioned as Joseph’s father, there’s no mention of Jesus having grandparents. But it’s reasonable to think that he did. It must have been hard for them when Mary and Joseph took Jesus to live in Egypt. Grandparents aren’t as happy when the grandkids live in another country.


Good and Godly People

The Messiah was circumcised on his eighth day and given the name Jesus. He was later consecrated to God since he was the first born son. While there at the temple, an older man named Simeon took Jesus in his arms and blessed him, a very grandfatherly thing to do. Joseph and Mary marveled at what Simeon said to them about their son.

When an older woman, a prophetess named Anna, saw Jesus she went up to them and gave thanks for the baby. A very grandmotherly thing to do. She spoke about Jesus’s future, of how he would restore Israel. It was an amazing day for the young couple, to have so much attention from such good and Godly people.

Jesus and Christmas?

Christmas is a time when grandparents spoil their grandkids. But in ancient Egypt, Joseph, Mary, and Jesus were probably all alone. They didn’t have lights on the house, a decorated tree, or a little wooden manger scene with a little baby Jesus. 

Nativity Scene and Santa's Sleigh 12-20-14

To Close

Please forgive my foolishness. “Christmas” was a long, long way away from being celebrated. On the second “Christmas,” the one-year old messiah wasn’t surrounded by a large and loving family with brightly wrapped gifts. 

His parents were busy keeping him safe from those wanting to kill him. 

All alone on Christmas? I think we owe a great debt of gratitude to Joseph and Mary.

Merry Christmas

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