Day 1: Twelve Days of Christmas

Have you ever had to search for your child?

When Our Kids Were Little

When the kids were little, we typically took separate cars to church. I left early, then the family followed later. It worked find, mostly. But it didn’t work on the Sunday when Danielle went home with only one child, thinking our son was with me. Walking into the house I knew something was off. She quickly asked, “Where is he?” 

It’s all funny now, but for the one left behind, not so much.

Guess Who Else Got Left Behind?

At age twelve, Jesus wasn’t really a boy any more, but was transitioning to manhood. Culturally, if he had learned the Torah, which was largely about memorization, he would be rewarded with his first trip to Jerusalem for Passover. He had learned it, and off he went with mom and dad.

Afterwards, as they were headed home, and had traveled all day, they realized their son wasn’t with them, that he wasn’t with the caravan. So it was back to Jerusalem, probably walking all night. Imagine Joseph and Mary struggling with worry and guilt. Or did fear occupy their thoughts?

After Three Days

They found him in the temple courts, sitting with the Rabbis, who were amazed with Jesus. His parent’s reaction was less amazement and more astonishment. They couldn’t believe that after three days of stress and anxiety, that their son was just fine and in the company of Israel’s finest teachers. They were a bit angry.

Mary said, “Son, why have you treated us like this? Your father and I have been anxiously searching for you.” He answered her, but Mary and Joseph didn’t understand his answer. They couldn’t grasp that being in his Father’s house was all about the Father’s business, the business of saving the world.

Before there was an ascension, there was an empty tomb, a cross, and a ministry. There was a trip to Egypt, there were shepherds and wise men, there was a star in the sky, a stone cold manger, and a virgin birth.

My blog for the next eleven days will go backwards, beginning today with Jesus at the temple and finishing with his birth.

In Closing

Jesus was left behind but he was never lost. He was only preparing for the time when he would do the seeking and the searching for the lost. 


Merry Christmas

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