When Life Seems Perfect

There’s just something about the hill country.

It’s In Texas

If you aren’t familiar with the Texas hill country, then you aren’t familiar with some of the best of what Texas has to offer. Yes, there are hills big and small, and beautiful to see. There are charming towns with great places to eat, great places to shop, and great places to fish, hunt, hike, and camp.  

And Me?

I’m at a hill country ranch between Llano and Fredericksburg. The ranch sits on three thousand acres and the ranch house sits right in the middle, isolated from roads, vehicles, and people. The ranch belongs to the family of one of my best and closest friends.

What Do I Do?

I can do lots of things. I can hunt, but I don’t hunt, or even own a gun. But I do love watching the deer, turkeys, bob cats, foxes, coyotes, squirrels, raccoons, and even the wild pigs. There are so many kinds of birds. Some are plain and ordinary while others are brightly colored and spectacular. They busy themselves as birds do, chirping and chattering. They are fun to watch.

But my favorite thing of all is doing nothing, and I’m great at it. The best place to do nothing is on the back porch, in a rocking chair, letting the stress and worries melt away. It’s the art of relaxation, the value of being still and quiet.

The Natural Beauty

The Texas wild flowers bloom in the spring. The ranch looks like it’s been carpeted with millions of multi-colored flowers.


Then there’s the night sky, adorned with stars so bright you can’t stop looking; and at times, it feels like you could reach up and grab one. But my favorite ranch magnificence are the sunsets. I can’t explain it, but the sunsets here are glorious, with the deepest of reds and oranges. They stretch across the evening sky and somehow manage to be unique every night.


To Finish Up

I’ve been coming at least once a year for twenty years. The annual ranch trip is always in December. Right now, my friend is hunting and I’m at the ranch house, sitting at the kitchen table writing this blog. I have a cup of steaming coffee and some soft Christmas music in the background.

In this moment, life seems absolutely perfect.

Merry Christmas

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