Great Friends, Good Times

I haven’t’ blogged about friendship in a while, so here goes.

Friends Again

One of my closest friends is a friend I nearly lost. The issues don’t matter. What does matter is that we found a path back and are now closer than ever.

We had a planned phone call last week to discuss some work items, but we never got to them. Instead, we talked about life, faith, victories and defeats. It was marvelous. Good friendships are just the best.

Don’t give up on the possibility of renewing old friendships. Don’t give up on people, because you don’t want people giving up on you. It’s a golden rule thing.


Work Friends

Saturday evening my wife and I hosted a Christmas party for our church staff and their spouses. There were four dinner tables set up to accommodate everyone. Dinner was great and then we gathered to play a game, men against the women. The men won in a landslide, although I was accused of bending the rules. Maybe.

The best part was just having everybody together. We laughed and enjoyed one another and had a fabulous time. Frankly, the people I work with are just the best. I respect and appreciate them so much. Its great to work with great friends.

Some things I appreciate about friends:

  1. Being connected with others.
  2. A sense of community.
  3. People to care about.
  4. People who care about me.
  5. The love.


We are fast approaching the most meaningful of the holidays, the birth of Christ. Not everyone celebrates his birth, for them it isn’t a religious observance. But many do. Either way, Christmas can be a time to enjoy our friends, to appreciate them, and to make sure they know how we feel. Make the effort. You’ll be glad you did.

In Closing

I’ll leave you with this prayer:

“Good morning Holy Spirit. I lift up praise, glory and honor to you and to the Father and to Jesus my Messiah. Thank you for shaping my life with love, patience, goodness, and peace. Thank you Holy Spirt for all the fruits of Godly character. Thank you for helping me to make good friendships with great people. Amen.”


5 thoughts on “Great Friends, Good Times

  1. Love reading your blog Rick. Also, since we are hosting our family Christmas would like to know about the game you all played.
    Janice Reist


  2. Enjoyed your sermon immensely yesterday. We all need to shed a few tears every now and then. Just want to say I appreciate my old friends and my new friends at Southeast. It is a ” Wonderful Life”. Have a blessed day!


  3. Hello Rick,
    Friendships are such a blessing. There is tremendous comfort in knowing that even though we are miles apart, and many years in between we could sit down to a coffee or a meal and it would be like time and distance just disappear. You both hold such a special place in our hearts. Maybe someday we can arrange to sit at the same table once again, that would be a blessing indeed. May God richly bless you, as He has us by knowing you.
    All our best,
    Karen Yeager


    1. Hi Karen! How amazing is this? I blog about friendships and old friendships and here you are. What a blessing indeed. Some table fellowship with you guys would be great. Can’t think of anyone I’d rather sit and catch up with. Bless you friend!


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