Strength To Finish

Some childhood memories about finishing things:

  1. “Did you finish your chores?”
  2. “Did you finish the dishes?”
  3. “Did you finish your homework?”



Finishing Things

It was important to finish what we started. Sure, some of it was about getting things done and doing well in school. Mostly it was about character development. It was considered good character, good manners, and was just good to finish what was started.


Some Things I Didn’t Finish

  1. Boy Scouts: I quit after 6 weeks, not exactly Eagle Scout material.
  2. Hog Farm: It was summer work and I didn’t last the summer.
  3. Model Rocket Club: couldn’t get the rockets to launch.

The hog farm was stinky, dirty, and gross. The Boy Scouts took too much time. The rockets were tedious to make and required way too much effort. Excuses, excuses.

Excuses, Excuses

There are always quick and easy excuses for not finishing. Finding the strength to finish comes from within. It comes from the heart.

Some Good Finishers

Paul finished strong. He wrote about finishing his race. Moses succeeded in leading the Israelites across the desert to the promise land. Noah had to finish the ark, his family’s lives depended on it. David didn’t just knock Goliath down with a rock, he also cut his head off; and that’s a good finish. Mary stayed at the cross to the bitter end. When it comes to their kids, mothers are typically world class finishers.

A Strong Finishing Kick

In track there is a thing about a strong finishing kick. It came at the end of the race as the runner approached the finish line, that he commits to the finish kick: to dig deep, run harder, ignore the pain and hit the finish line with everything he has to give. That’s finishing strong.

Too Close

Will we finish strong as the end of 2016 approaches? Is there something that needs to be completed? Is there a letter you’ve avoided writing, or a phone call you’ve ignored making? Maybe there’s a project to finish or a promise to keep? It’s not too late to finish strong. Remember, the strength to finish comes from within, it comes from the heart. The strength to finish comes from the power of God within. 

With God all things are possible. We can do it. Let’s finish strong.


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