Seeing Behind the Scenes

We constantly benefit from unseen people. We receive services and assistance from people we can’t physically see.

Some Examples

The bank teller at the drive-up window. Those working in restaurant kitchens. The trash collectors who are rarely see. Every morning my office is clean. My compensation is paid twice monthly; and somebody somewhere makes sure it happens.


Another Example

Yesterday, I mentioned our Children’s Christmas Musical and expressed appreciation to those who produced it. They deserve a lot of credit and gratitude.

But allow me to mention some others. There were professional level light, sound, and camera people in the A/V booth. A program was designed, printed, stapled, and folded. Volunteers served dinner to the children before the performance. Afterwards, hundreds entered the gym to find tables and chairs set up. The tables had lovely, seasonal center pieces. There was delicious food, deserts, and beverages. There was hot cocoa!

Somebody had to make the food and drinks, decorate the tables, and make sure that 400-500 people had all they wanted.


And after we all drove home, somebody had to clean up and put everything away.

 Who were they? They were the great unseen.

Seeing Behind The Scenes

To you who missed the musical because you were someplace else preparing to serve everyone else, I say God bless you. I don’t know who all labored in the shadows, or worked in the background, to insure the evening would be a huge success. But to all of you on behalf of all of us, thank you!

You are the hidden talent. The quiet servants. The humble givers.

Jesus knows.

To Close

We often measure the success of things by what can be counted.

To those everywhere, serving in the background, laboring in the shadows, who are often overlooked, unnoticed, and un-thanked, you are the real heroes. You are all the reasons. You may feel uncounted, but believe me, you count and you count huge.

God bless you.

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