A Banged Up Soul?

I was at the checkout counter when I noticed a problem.

Here’s The Problem

I was buying a bundle of wood stakes for a project at the house. I didn’t pay attention when I got them from the store shelf, I just assumed they were all good and fine. They were not. There were two stakes with wood rot.

Here’s What Happened

I pointed it out to the check-out person, she conferred with a manager, and he offered a $1.00 discount. The whole bundle was only $3.00 anyway. I said sure and paid the $2.00.

A Curious Thing

I found it odd. I expected him to exchange them for a different bundle. He didn’t. He sold them, “as is,” with a 33% discount.

As I pummeled the stakes, I reflected on a deeper perspective. In the movie, “Seabiscuit” the cowboy, Tom Smith, who became Seabiscuit’s trainer, said this line, “You know, you don’t throw a whole life away just ‘cause he’s banged up a little.”

I didn’t discard the whole bundle just because a couple of them weren’t up to standard.

Speaking of Standards

I’ve been banged up a few times. Maybe we all have. I’ve made mistakes and demonstrated imperfection. Souls can get banged up too. But I’ve been blessed to have people like Tom Smith, people who saw the greater good, the larger value, and didn’t throw me away or toss me aside.

You Know Who Else Didn’t?

Jesus my Messiah, he didn’t. He could have since he was/is the only righteous person to live in this world, but he didn’t. He wasn’t blind or negligent, he was paying attention and was well aware of my imperfections, the wood rot in my life.

So I’ll Close With This

“Good morning Holy Spirit. I know you will bless me today because you do every day. I want to thank you for not giving up. Thank you for seeing me as valuable, as someone worth saving, for seeing beyond the sins and imperfections. And thank you for healing my banged up soul. Amen.”

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